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Internet Explorer 7 has stopped displaying .png Graphics

Hi all,

As you can guess from the title, IE7 no longer displays .png pictures, on any website.

I have done all the usuall emptying of cache, temp files etc, and attempted the sfc /scannow just in case.

I am now getting peed by this, an annoyance it is!

Any help from you chaps?

As an update, if i right click the iexplore.exe in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and run it as admin, it does display the .png pictures...

I have turned Protected Mode off, altered internet settings to allow, all to no avail. The site i use to check if it works is osnn.net, but i do and have checked other sites, and it is all .png files that do not show! Frustrating is not the word.

I can open and view .png in windows picture viewer etc, it is just IE7 that will not allow me too, FireFox works fine with them.

I cannot repair IE7, i am not sure how to be honest.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

I don't know since I still run XP. But you can go to the Microsoft website and download IE7 and then reinstall it I guess.
As i am running Vista, Microsoft informs you that you have IE7 already (it is a slightly different version for Vista than XP), and tells you that you cannot download it, only for XP/Server 2003.

I assume that installing IE7 for XP in Vista would not work. There are, as i can find, no means of uninstalling IE7 in Vista, apart from using the sfc /scannow or re-installing Vista, which i really don't want to do, seems as i have all of my programs set up now!

You could try a program like Advanced Windows Care from www.iobit.com. It repairs broken and false registry entries and it is for free.

Maybe this helps, otherwise I would not know either.
Thanks for the link, although i have fixed it, it was a rather long way of doing it.

I re-installed Vista, but upgraded, so it replaced the OS files, but left my programs. Why doesn't Microsoft provide some sort of repair function for IE7 i do not know! Would of saved me a whole load of time to just repair rather than the round-a-bout way i had to go through.

Anyway, thought i would post back to let peeps know,


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