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Internet Explorer 6.0



alright, well I click to load IE and it totally lag spikes my computer for like 10 seconds then it shows the sand clock timer thingy, or whatever, then it's fine. I dont' know what to do, it's annoying as hell, any suggestions??

I have 900 MHz, 640 MB ram I think I am ok


well now I realize I think it's only on my.yahoo.com so it could it be some script on that page or something? because sometimes it will just close my window....hmmm

Mister Zee

Ahh.. again.. I can't wait for everybody to remember this routine by heart hehe. It's probably a cache issue... Do this, and remember this routine, it's REALLY good =P It's what I teach in my Technical Support classes at work.

1. Start > Settings > Internet Options
2. Click Delete Files, then Yes. Then Clear History and Yes again.
3. Click Settings
4. Place the dot next to "Every visit to the page"
5. Place "50" in Amount of disk space to use (the problem is probably there for you if it's too low or too high)
6. Click OK, then go in the Security tab.
7. For EACH zone, click its icon, then if enabled, click on "Default Level". Do that for EACH Zone.
8. Go in Content
9. Click AutoComplete
10. Uncheck everything, then click Clear Forms.
11. Clear passwords if you don't mind too..
12. Click OK
13. Click Connections
14. Select your connection, then click on Settings (if dial-up) or LAN Settings (if ADSL or Cable). Make sure you do NOT have a proxy there. If so, uncheck all boxes. (including the auto configure proxy one..).
15. Click OK.
16. Click Programs
17. Click Reset Web Settings, uncheck the Home Page box, and click OK.
18. If you want more performance with IE, go in Advanced, and CHECK "Empty temporary internet files on exit" down in the last section.

19. To clear some other things, you should run Hard Dsik Cleanup Wizard like this:

Start > Run > "cleanmgr" then ENTER. Follow the steps and clear everything that is listed with a number besides it.

20. Get ad-aware from www.download.com and scan for spywares on your system. Remove anything that would be found. (Gator, OfferCompanion, Doubleclick.com, Bunzai Buddy, etc...)

21. A good scandisk, then a defrag (leave overnight) wouldn't do
any bad either =P

That's what I call a good system maintenance, optimized for internet browsing =P Should fix a lot of stuff. Do that every few weeks.

Mister Zee

Oh, I forgot.. This thing could also be caused by an Antivirus that has script blocking or web scanning... Try to disable that if you have one.


it worked, I do have an anti-virus, but it wasn't that. It's running beautiful now, thanks. I usually did most of those steps, but not all of them, occasionally, every 2-3 weeks or so, but I'll be sure to keep it up. Thanks again...

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