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Internet disconnects every night, same time


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I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with a Linksys WAG 320N modem.

The last few days my internet disconnects every night at roughly 12:30. I have checked my wireless drivers in devices and the part to automatically disconnect is unticked.

I can't find anything in the modem to automatically shutdown

Anyhelp would be greatfully appreciated

Perris Calderon

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might be a reception problem, this happens to me in some coffee shops when they use a device on schedule that disrupts the signal

one place it happens when they have a delivery, the delivery truck somehow disrupts their signal at this coffee shop
this has only been happening the last week tops, but I have been with my ISP for a few years
"Just because it was so in the past does not make it so in the future."

ISPs change practices constantly. If their customer base has gone up they will be more likely to disconnect periodically. It sure sounds like the lease expiring.

It could be your router renewing the lease too, but if you have not changed settings or updated firmware that is unlikely.

Optin 3 is a small power spike enough to upset the router, but not anything with a heftier power supply. If you are up when it happens watch the router lights to see if the router is reconnecting.

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