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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by seeme, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. seeme

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    I connect to the net via ADSL, i use a 3com etherlink PCI combo NIC (3C900-combo) network card, and when i boot up into windows it take about 20 seconds before i can actually 'dial up' to thein internet.

    i am able to open other programs and do other processes whilst i am waiting but cant instantly connect to the net like i used to in win 98.

    what i have noticed, is that after the approx. 20 seconds, my floppy drive 'grunts' as if its quickly accessing a disk, the screen refreshes and then i can dial up.

    any ideas?


  2. chooch

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    Services are being loaded when this occurs, some services are needed before you can connect to your DSL, part of the NT Technology that XP is built on by design, the problem is not with your system.
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    I think that may have something to do with Notron Anti-Virus. I expierence a delay at bootup sometimes when Norton has a red X over it for about 20-30 seconds before some things will work on my PC, like AIM and MSN Messenger, and some other internet apps (but i have static IP cable).

  4. seeme

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    well yes, i am using norton - i changed to it from avx. I didnt like the revamped version of avx. I havent found a decent anti-virus proggie since.... :(

    i'll delete norton and see if that helps, i've also just changed my network card to an SMC1211 model...that might help...

    we'll c.

    thanks for your quick replies!
  5. Mister Zee

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    This kkind of "startup delay" is usually due by a bad network connection, missing network connection, or network card connected improperly.. In either case, Windows is trying to initialise the network, and it fails some of the tests, or times out for some reason.

    I had this problem too when I had 2 network cards. One was sitting there without any porpuse, and the other had my ADSL connection plugged on it. It took 30-60 seconds to finally load everything. As soon as I removed the other network card, it came back to normal and loaded super fast again.

    Another time, my ARJ-45 cable was twisted and there was bad connections in the cable somewhere... I changed the cable and fixed the problem.

    Another time, it was only a bit loose in the ARJ-45 jack.. Fixed it by putting it back in properly.

    So I doubt it is the antivirus, really doubt. Cause I had the same thing with McAfee, and I thought it was the program, until I removed my other card. It's actually because the AV progs are services that starts after every network component is loaded. So it could have been anything else, it's just a coincidence.

    In your case, check your wireing, make sure the cable is in good condition, see if there isn't any other periphericals interfering with the card (try removing some and see if it's better). If you find something that is blocking the net card, try to move everything around on different PCI slots, in different orders (try many combinations). I've seen sound cards messing up network cards before...

    Anyway, hope that helped a little.
  6. seeme

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    yup, cheers, ill try that also. i've tried 2 pci slots so far. one slot doesnt even detect that i have a network card plugged in! but i was aware of problems like that anyway... its a pain, cause im using an abit kt7 with raid motherboard...cost me an arm and a leg when i got it almost 1.5 years ago...

    :) thats computers for ya. im also using a SBL 5.1 confused as to why they get such a bad quite pleased with my card, i bought it for the digital out and high fidelity (im a classical violinist and i like my dance music LOUD) so that i could connect it to my amp and huge speakers :D

    ill see if it helps and report back.

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    You guys have any luck?

    Myself and a few friends have this EXACT problem. It always seemed to work fine after MSN messanger loaded, so i tried the disable thing, no help, rename the folder no help, YES MSN doesnt load now, but the delay is still there!!!!!