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17 Jun 2003
I've made a serious mistake of deleting something when a popup appeared stating that something was outdated. The popup appeared when I was trying to discover other PCs attached to the network.
If I remember correctly, it said something about LUAP or something similar.
Now I can't access the internet using the 32-bit IE nor can I load any other apps that utilise the internet connection... with the exception of 64-bit IE which I'm using right this minute.

Can anyone help me resolve this problem please?

1) Roll back to an earlier time.

2) try uninstalling the NIC and reinstalling it. Windows stashes copies of critical files and can pull them up when needed.

3) Find the original install CD for the PC and replace the NIC drivers.

4) Uninstall the windows networking using your windows cd then reinstall it.
1) I can't roll back coz windows decided not to create any restore points although it's enabled.

2) tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers

3) skipped coz nothing wrong with NIC drivers

4) how do you do that? ;)
Go to add remove programs and Add/Remove windows should be in there somehwere

I took to simple option to reinstall windows instead. Now I got another 30days to validate the thing. lol :p

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