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Last nite I finally decided to connect my computer up to the internet so I could activate my copy of XP. Well, no matter what options I choose, or what devices I enable, I can never connect to the internet. Everything will be enabled and said to be running properly, but I can never connect to a single webpage. What could be my problem because this is really pissing me off. I have never had such a problem before. Thanx for any help.
And yes... the cable is connected to my ethernet card. :p
Are you running a router or a direct connection to you cable/DSL modem or whatever you are using? Do you get a proper IP? Is Default Gateway set correctly? Can you ping anything?


I am running a direct connection to my cabel modem. I tried to ping, but could find nowhere to do so. *shrugs* Yes, I do have a proper IP address. I tried Live Update just to see if maybe IE was not working correctly, but Live Update did not work either. Told me to check and make sure my internet connection is functioning properly. Device Manager still tells me everything is enabled and working properly, well, I have news for it, it is wrong. :) Anyway, thanks for your help and I hope you can give me so more.


Well, just coz everything seems ok in device manager, doesnt mean your Internet should be working aswell.

Make sure your cable connection is working properly. Does it make a connection..?

I dont know how your net connection work...? Is it a always on Cable where you have to make a connection or are you connected through a router..???


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I had this exact same problem on my old computer. I installed IE6 and then a day later my internet went dead. It said it was connected, and everything was fine, but i couldn't do a damn thing on the internet. BTW, i had win98 on my old computer.

Now I have a new computer and winXP w/ IE6, and my internet works fine. In fact, 250kb/s fine.

I dunno about you, but the only thing that worked for me was reformatting. You might try to reinstall windows, or something.

Just curious, but how are you posting this question?


Okay... latest update. I used IPConfig and it did not list a number for Default Gateway. I am about to look up what this could mean, but still would appreciate any help. As for other peoples questions...

My cable is just a direct connection where I am always connected... no router. Yes, my cable connection is working correctly, no problems there. :)

I am posting this message thru the family computer, not mine. This computer is fine. Mine is having the problem. Thanx for all the help!



I believe I will try reinstalling IE and if that does not work, maybe reinstalling Windows will help. Who knows. I shall wait to see what Zedric has to say today.


I've ran into this problem several times, try repairing IE through add/remove programs. If you don't have a default gateway listed when you run ipconfig you're not going to go anywhere. However I don't think installing IE6 would have changed your tcp/ip settings.
Is the IP automatic or static? If it's automatic and you do get a proper IP (not 169.*.*.* or, something is seriously fishy. I'd format and reinstall Windows for a try. If it's static you've just forgotten to enter the right Default Gateway in your TCP/IP settings.

If you don't have a correct Default Gateway IP your computer cannot access any other computers on IP:s utside your subnet (*). Thus you cannot surf.

Output from my IPCONFIG (behind a NAT router (ICS) and in Swedish):
C:\Documents and Settings\Admin>ipconfig

IP-konfiguration för Windows

Ethernet-kort Anslutning till lokalt nätverk:

        Anslutningsspecifika DNS-suffix . :
        IP-adress . . . . . . . . . . . . :
        Nätmask . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
        Standard-gateway  . . . . . . . . :

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin>

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