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Internet Connection Issue

I'm connected to the Internet through my ethernet port. When I open Internet Explorer, I get this message:

Work Offline
No connection to the Internet is currently available. To view Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work Offline.
Click Try Again to attempt to connect.

When I click Try Again, it immediately works. I am obviously connected to the Internet, since other programs works fine on the first try. I think Internet Explorer checks my Network Connections folder for any dial-up connections, and when it can't find any, it pops up this message before actually checking to see if it can actually access the Internet without dialing in. Can anyone help?


Mad as a Lorry
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, and click on the Connections tab. Under here, you have various options - if you are connected to the internet using ethernet (presumably to your modem/router) you shouldn't have anything in the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings", and "Never dial a connection" should be selected under the "Choose settings..." bit.

It might also be worth checking under the File menu in IE to check that "Work offline" is not ticked.

See, that's the thing. There are no connections listed, its set to never dial a connection, and it already knows to work online. I don't get it. Someone, please help!


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Is it an always on connection (Static) or a Dynamic connection, or are you on dial-up? When did this problem first start? Did IE work correctly/connect correctly before? Have you done any IE updates resently?

Is IE set to open OffLine?
Dude, ming, you're the man! After making the change on all the computers in the house, I ran several tests, and they all worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

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