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When using ICS does one machine have to be server and all the rest clients? i have two pcs both with modems and i cant seem to share internet connections, when the one configured as client is using the phoneline i always have to drop that conection to conect mine (server) so both pcs can share.

Is there a way that either pc can share the conection of the one thats actually online?

I tried enabling ics on both dial up conects. but i get an ip conflict.

please help

Mister Zee

I'm not sure about this, but I think it's only one way. Usually, ICS is used with LAN connections, not modem connections. You will always have IP conflicts if you do it your way. On one machine, the IP, DNS and Gateway comes from the ISP, and on the other, it comes from the serving PC (right?), so if you keep switching that, it's gonna get messy.

If anyone else know better, feel free to comment, but I really don't know how you could get your thing to work the way you want it.


assuming you have a file sharing network setup here (if not the read no further)

Select your 'server' pc and make sure the IP address is set to and then enable ICS on this PC ...... then goto the second pc and 'obtain ip automatically' ...... restart and make sure you can browse the local network ..... then make sure you can connect to the internet.

If the internet still doesnt work then set the client PC to (subnet then goto the 'gateway' section and enter in there ..... then reboot and it should work.

if not then goto the network settings on the server .... check in the advanced section there (ICS settings) and make sure all the options are set (ie: http = port 80 etc etc)

hope this helps


It's not going to work the way you want it to. In order to share a connection from either machine, the other must have it's gateway set to the IP of the computer connected at the time. But if you do that, then when the other machine is connected, it will still try to use the first machine as its connection. ... I didn't follow that either, but basically, either you need to use one dialup connection for everything and set the "server" up to dial on demand, or you need to manually connect one or the other when necessary.

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