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internet browsers

Your best bet is to try it out and see if you like it. Some people (me included) prefer Firefox over IE6, others swear by Opera, some use Maxthon, and there are those who prefer just IE6 as it is.

It's just a matter of personal preference. There is no objective "better" :)
iceman7311 said:
but is there a performance increase in using fire fox???
It depends. IE6 tends to start up faster than Firefox (on first launch) because it shares quite a bit of code with explorer.exe, the shell of the OS. As far as page loading times go, I personally haven't noticed a significant difference (Fx might be a wee bit faster), probably because I'm usually on a good broadband connection - most pages tend to load up almost instantly on either browser anyway. You might notice a difference on lower bandwidth connections.

The Firefox installer is a pretty small download, and once installed, it won't interfere with your IE6 installation in any way. I encourage you to try it out and decide for yourself. :)


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It think that FF is much more secure than IE is. FF has a lot to offer if you play around with it a bit.
All the browsers available on windows are pretty much as secure as each other.

Opera and IE are your best bets. Mozilla has a sort of "holier-than-thou" attitude at the moment. Either you do things their way or not at all. They also like claiming credit for things that MS and Opera developed a while back :p


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Unless your computer is a little dated, running or rendering performance is of little consequence. Bandwidth is all that really matters.


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Truthfully speaking, I don't really knotice much of a performance diff in firefox, as far as starting it up that is. With the speek tweak there is a diff in internet speed.
Geffy said:
I personally prefer FF when I am on windows, but then I am an html and css validity freak so I would wouldnt I ;) :p

In that case you're addicted to the wrong browser and should adjust said addition to Opera 8 :)

FF has a few quirks that mean valid xhtml & CSS get broken :)

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