Internet and ZoneAlarm Pro conflicts....plz help!



i'm have an internet problem that is VERY annoying. i can connect to the internet after a fresh reboot, but i find if i try to reconnect the actual dial-up part works and the modem icons appear but the internet does not MSN messenger and Internet Explorer etc. they all seem to think that there is no connection present. I am using windows XP. i've heard this is something to do with ZoneAlarm Pro (which i use). is this correct? are there any workarounds (i really like zonealarm) e.g. would this problem be solved if i use ZoneAlarm instead of the pro version?

any help is appreciated. :confused:



maybe try setting your internet security levels a little lower. see if that helps


I also have this problem the first time you connect evrything is find but if you stop yoour internet session and then log back on nothing works.
NO settings are changed between sessions and rebooting makes things work but again only for the first login
If this were related to security settings why does it work the first time after a reboot but not after
Definatly seems to be related to Zone Alarm but I think Both versions are affected.


I had similar problems with Zone Alarm (free and Pro versions) under Windows XP to the extent that I deleted it completely and am now running Tiny Firewall with no recurrence of problems

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