Internet and fast user switching?


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Hi, all. I have a DSL internet connection.

I've set up multiple user accounts on my XP Pro machine. Everything's running fine, EXCEPT...

If I were to switch over to my wife's user account right now using fast user switching, I cannot access the internet from her account. Here, I'll try it....OK I'm back.

Now, if I log off and log in to her account, then of course I have normal internet access.

I'm guessing fast user switching is incompatable with sharing an internet connection? Or is there something I haven't set up right?

Please fill me in. Thanks.


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Hey Freight:

I have cable, use fast user switch and have multiple users and we can be online at the same time. It's done all the time at my house. Don't know why you can't :confused:


Confused and Bewildered
I hate to keep bumping, I just can't believe nobody out there has any ideas. Apparently this should work fine, but it doesn't. What should I be looking for? Come on, guys, you're more resourceful than this!!!! Thanks in advance, I know you can help me...


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If its PPPoE DSL or dialup, you can not switch users and maintain the connection. You must disconnect before swithcing users, and redial the connection under the new user's account. There is no hack or workaround



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Thanks for the reply. It's not dialup, and I don't know what PPPoE means, I guess I'll e-mail this thread to my ISP and see...

The key must be in what logging off does to my LAN connection?

Thanks for the clue!


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"Some broadband Internet service providers identify your computer on their networks using Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE). If your ISP requires you to supply a name and password to access the Internet, it most likely uses this protocol." That's according to

Microsoft, , so I guess I don't use PPPoE because I don't supply a username/password to connect.

Help Help Help!


might b cause your using usb i mean its not really meant for broadband access not really all that fast if you know what i mean.of course this is all out of opinion not 100% sure:D

opps typo


wow , now is this usb1 or usb2 bc i always thought usb1 was only up to 400k and usb2 is like what 800k

cause my cable modem can do 1.5m with cat5

edit= and thats only bc they audit me and wont let me get no more less i pay more......


Confused and Bewildered
I found the reason for my problem!!! I use Sygate Personal Firewall. When I close it down before doing fast user switch, the connection works as it should.

Now what firewall should I use as there does not seem to be any setting to enable connection sharing in SPF. It's a great program, too.

Any reccomendations, besides Zone Alarm, which I'm not a big fan of?

Thanks, andre9540, your post was the tip that led me to my firewall! Which do you use?


Confused and Bewildered
Thanks, J, but that costs 50 bucks!!! which i don't have at the moment...Sygate personal firewall is free. Which doesn't mean I won't give in and buy it eventually, but does anyone have any free alternatives that will allow internet access with fast user switching. Thanks all.


yah sim prob with zone alarm i still use it though...., i use it cause it is easy and tells me what is going on:D

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