Internal Network Problems!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nerdfiles, Nov 7, 2002.

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    i'm having real trouble with xp and an internal network.
    The problem is thus:
    at my university we have an internal network, it was not being used so a few friends of mine decided to get it working we are all connected to a hub with connections to that running from a big rack of ports with room numbers on them, and it is not controlled by anyone but us. The ip range is 192.168.2.YOUR ROOM NUMBER and subnet and everything worked fine on win2k, i could see them in our workgroup "WORKGROUP".
    We all have netbios installed and tcp/ip but i am now in XP unable to see any of the machines.
    It gets stranger as i can type \\computername and it will pop up the password prompt and with my username and pass i can login.
    They just do not appear in my workgroup, and this is very anoying as if i get an error message i never know whether their computers are on or if my connection is messed up.
    i have turned off simple file sharing and have netbios enabled over tcp/ip. The winxp firewall is off and we all have user accounts on each others machines.
    Another twist however is that some of them can see my machine and other cannot. I am running zone alarm pro as a firewall and the network is set as trusted and i even have the settings set to low.
    any help would be appriciated as this is really starting to anoy me.
    I have tried to give all the details you may needs.
    Thanks for you help.
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    Try disabling ZAP. Also invest in a hardware firewall its much more secure for you and and wont eat resources.