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interesting video thread

Perris Calderon

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I think over the years members have posted some amazing videos and I forget where to find them

for instance there was the savant that painted rome after a fly over and looked as accurate as a photograph

then there was that kid playing a solo guitar with one of the most unique styles I have ever seen

we'vew had some very interesting illusions and some incredible sports highlights but they've all gotten lost in the multitude of content on this great site

therefure, I christian "the interesting video thread"

if it gets some good content we'll give it a sticky, right now it's just my hope to be able to come here and awe with some of the finds from our members

me gonna kick this one off with the jet man, I posted this a while back and it's still thrilling to me

this tube is part one of two so if you want to see the rest click the tube and there it'll be

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