interesting UT problem


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this is really wacky. it only seems to happen on this one server. anyways, i'll be playing, and then *WHAM* i am hit with a general protection fault!

i restart the game.

i go back to the server. i look on the server list of people playing, in the browser, and my name is still there! i go into the server, and get given a random name (i changed it in this screenie), while according to the server, my original nickname is still there!


i have a p3 800mhz, 255mb ram. i've had ut for about two years, just started happening about a month ago.
perhaps its a lamer on the server with a freeze cheat? i remember something like that on CS that lamers used to use when they were getting pwned


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Originally posted by jonifen
have you installed any new drivers lately?
changed any hardware?
none of the above. i reinstalled UT and it has not happened (yet, as i have not played UT as often lately). i still get lots of GPFs, for who knows why...=/

have anymore info on this freeze cheat? i think i am not the only person on that server who it has happened to.

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