interesting microsoft point!!!

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interesting microsoftg point!!!

first, I can't think of where to put this question, so anybody want to move this thread feel free to do it

I think this concerns security, as far as eula agreements, and how far someone is allowed to have access to your box once you've signed them...or if you did not sign a new eula per new download

maybe this is not security, but somewhere else
definately not the lounge though


when I get the ms critical updates manually from the site, I am required to sign the eula


when I let the box do it automatically, the updates are installed without my signature.

what do you think?

Perris Calderon

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no, this wouldn't be the case because atuomatic updates are the default setting

now, if to set up automatic updates required a siggy, that might cover it...(probably not)

though ms mght contend the original eula for xp covers the download

no judge would allow this, as it would prove too broad.

in other words, when you get an auto update, you are not obligated in my opinion in any fasion concerning it, as microsft has given it to you freely without any requirement on your part

do with it what you will



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i think its because any updates from the auto update site are signed drivers meeting your hardware spec, anybody can go to the microsoft download site and install an update thats got nothing to do with there system and screw it up in 1 go, hence the licence warning so ms don't have to help you ;)

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