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InterActual Player


Beyond All Comprehension.
Ok, I have played DVD's on this computer before... because I upgraded my CD-ROM to a DVD/CD-R Combo. I had to reformat my computer and I lost my DVD playing software... but the DVD installed InterActual Player automatically and I got it to work once, but then there was another error and it had to shutdown. Now all it does is give me this error when I try to play DVD's

Error PL4013: Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. You may be using an unsupported display mode or your system may not have a working decoder installed. Please ensure that your DVD decoder is functioning properly by launching it from Start | Programs.

Can anyone help me?


OSNN Veteran Original
InterActual Player probably doesnt have a decoder, unlike PowerDVD, or WinDVD, etc. You need to download a decoder.


The Analog Kid
InterActual player is not an actual DVD software. It's actually just software that allows you to view certain special sections on some dvd's. As far as I'm concerned, it's junk.



Beyond All Comprehension.
Ok... I have another problem :( I installed PowerDVD onto my comp(which is what has decoder) And when I tried to play a DVD it gave me this error:

ASPI for Windows not available!

Only 32-bit CD-ROM driver supported.

Please make sure 32-bit CD-ROM driver installed.

What does that mean? Can anyone help me?

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