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interactive services...WHAT!


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Open Control Panel

Double click ‘Administrative Services’

Double-click “Services”

Right click - ‘Interactive Services’
from list in Window

Select ‘Stop’

Right click - select Properties

In ‘Startup type’ select ‘Disable’

Click “OK”

Done - unless you want to reboot to make double-sure it worked.


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FBD, the error says it all. The only time I've ever seen that dialog is when running a program that is not fully compatible with Vista. The last instance was WinFax.

Disabling the service will prevent the dialog from appearing but it is not a true fix to the incompatibility issues.

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heuristics - if that option is not on in nod32 i would tick that option and all the other options that are in the control panel and do a full system scan just to be on the safe side, also i would get spybot search and destroy (if you havent already) and run that, windows defender isnt the best app in the world. I would also suggest hijackthis.

If all those show clean, then like madmatt said it could be a service or program that isnt quite ready for vista and is crashing, giving you that pop up box, i have had some strange issues on a test system after updating it from windows update

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