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Interactive Logon

I have been testing Windows Server 2003 and have it configured as a Domain Controller and was wondering if it was possible for the group "Users" to be able to logon to the server, I get the message "The local security policy prevents you frm logging on interactively" my reason is that I'm at home and the rest of my family hate having to restart the machine to switch to XP Pro:crosseyed:


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Yes.. change the policy and grant the users group the "log on locally" right.

Assuming you arent' going to be pushing this policy to other computers and only need it for this one machine and that you haven't set the Domain Policy that overrides this right..

Go to: start/run.. run "secpol.msc" and browse to "local Policies/User Rights Assignment". Find the "Log on Locally" right and ensure the users group is allowed to log on locally.

Either reboot or refresh the policies for it to take effect.

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