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OK this is a bit off topic for me (usually I post in the "customize&themes area) :) but I have a question.

I have an Intellimouse Optical. Used to work great, but maybe nine months ago I bought a new CPU (from Athlon 600Mhz Slot A to 950Mhz) and a new video card (from Voodoo3 3000 AGP to Radeon 64MB DDR) - as soon as I put in the new parts, my mouse started acting really weird! If I move the mouse too quickly, it "jumps" to a random part of the screen.

Since then I have completely rebuilt my system (Athlon XP 1800+) and installed WindowsXP Professional (clean install). However, the mouse still behaves erratically on occasion. It's not all the time, but just randomly. It is most noticeable in Counterstrike and UT, and often I find myself staring at the ground/sky after trying to turn around too quickly to cap the ratbastard who is shooting me :) Very annoying!!! Anytime I move too quickly, it "jumps" to another part of the screen.

I have the latest Intellimouse drivers, mouse acceleration is off (always has been) - the really weird part is that the problems started in Win98SE after upgrading the video card and CPU - I made NO CHANGES to my mouse configuration, but suddenly it just started acting weird.

Does it sound like a defective mouse? The surface it's on is fine (remember, it worked fine until I upgraded) and has been the same since I bought the damn thing. Anyway, it's really frustrating and my kill/death ratio is suffering until I get it fixed! :) (does make for interesting comments: 'who was that guy that started shooting the ground last round, in the middle of that battle??') lol

Lastly, I have been having problems in Counterstrike lately (only since WinXP) where if I fire my gun, it keeps on firing (even though I have long since released the freakin mouse button) and the only way to get it to stop firing is to reload or change weapons. wtf is that?

thanks for any help you can offer...

thanks for the quick reply AlecStaar!

I'll check that stuff out when I get home from work... so, maybe in 9 hours :(



oh yeah one more thing! How do you get transparency on your avatar? what is the magic color? :)

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