Intel Raid Tech Error

i just rebuilt my intel server into a larger case because of heat but it all wroks fine just when i boot up i get this message that an error has occured but everything work and that array works fine. anyone know how to fix this? other than redoing the array?\

here is the error


Add a 3rd drive to the system, tell the raid controller to copy the data from the "errored" drive to the new one, then take out the old one put the new one in and tell the controller the new drive is drive 2 of 2.

The whole point of raid is that if a disc dies you can repalce it with little to no dataloss.

Since it was stated as working fine its not a dead drive but it needs replacing.


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4 Sata ports, all in use. RAID 0 array.

Ghost will not work to move the data from a old drive to a new one. At least from what I have heard.

Tell the Intel controller to take the existing drive or migrate the drive out of a array if you have the space and then rebuild by adding a new drive.

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the wierd thing is that evcerything workd fine. i tested the drives alone and they are good. and in windows i can pull the entire contence of the array and put it back and no errors.
but i guess my only way to get rid of that would be to pull all hte data and zero the array and re-creat it


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Originally Posted by LordOfLA
The whole point of raid is that if a disc dies you can repalce it with little to no dataloss.
The whole point with all RAID except RAID0.
thats what i was saying raid 0 is strictly for performace hehe. if you lose a drive with it your out data.

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