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Intel® Pentium® 4 stock retention frame

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Apparently you dont have to order online ( neatly sidestepping the missing addto cart button )

Xtreme Tek Werkz also accepts orders for those who do not have or choose not to use a credit card. Please send the full amount of the purchase and be sure to include the shipping charges listed above after contacting our sales department. If you are located in California, you must add the required sales tax of 8.25% to the price of your order. Monetary funds accepted by Xtreme Tek Werkz for non-credit card orders must be a Certified Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order. Any orders placed with this option will be shipped as soon as the payment is received and verified by our bank. Personal checks will not be accepted under any circumstances PHYSICAL and MAILING ADDRESS

Xtreme Tek Werkz
16617 South Normandie Avenue Suite C
Gardena, California 90247-5457

Telephone: 310 989 9988

Fax: 310 324 7422

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Good grief Charlie Brown
I might be removing my cpu soon to place it & see this as an area where I will have to tread carefully. Did yours break trying to remove the cpu? Any tips?

If you get stuck you could try using araldite or something similar. On some things it is like it was never broken.

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