Intel P3 outperforms a P4??


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17 Jun 2003
For those who lives in the UK, you should get your hands on the May edition of CustomPC magazine.
They've done a lab test of a P3 and a P4. I won't go into all the details

P3 spec:
Tualatin-core Pentium III-S CPU (1.26GHz)
133MHz FSB
256kb L2 Cache

This CPU was OC'd to 1.8GHz.

One paragraph taken word for word from the magazine:
"In the FPU-intensive benchmark, RealStorm 2004, the Pentium III, at 1.8GHz with a lowly 256kb of Level 2 cahce, outgunned the modern 2.6GHz Pentium 4c, with its 800MHz FSB, double the Level 2 cache and a massive amount of extra memory bandwidth."
yeah...that was talked about when the first P4 came out

basically its like riding a 18-speed bike....the P4 is pedaling faster, but its in a lower gear and not going as fast as the P3 at the same clock speed

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