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Intel Moves Up Computer Chip Shipment Date


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Intel Corp. is moving up the planned shipment date of a computer chip that will compete against one from rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Intel officials told analysts during a conference call Friday that the company expects to ship its Tulsa chip in the third quarter instead of the fourth quarter. The microprocessor is one of Intel's latest for server systems, one of the markets in which AMD's Opteron chips have made recent gains at Intel's expense.

Intel said the launch of another server chip, code-named Woodcrest, will be June 26.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip manufacturer also contested some of AMD's earlier claims, saying that Woodcrest performs better and uses less power than the Opteron.

In a phone interview, Intel spokesman Bill Calder refused to say whether AMD specifically was the reason behind the shipment acceleration.

"Our intention is to ramp our products and go to market as quickly as possible," Calder said. "But are we in an intense competitive environment right now? Absolutely."

Intel shares rose 5 cents to close Friday at $17.16 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Source: Yahoo! News


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Consider it official. Intel will be officially introducing the Xeon 5100 processor, the first version of a new generation of CPU's built on the firm's "Core" micro architecture on 26 June.

The company is currently notifying analysts and journalists about an event to be held in San Francisco that date, where the company plans to announce "game-changing news about its server business and products..."

"Forget what you thought you knew about hybrid technology. Intel now delivers the best of both worlds: high performance and energy efficiency without compromise," the invitation reads.

While the company has not yet confirmed that it will be launching the Xeon 5100 (Woodcrest core) during that even, sources have told TG Daily that the processor will be introduced in six different versions, ranging 1.6 to 3.0 GHz and carrying FSB1066 and FSB1333. All Woodcrest version will integrates 4 MB L2 cache.

Pricing ranges from $209 for the entry-level 5110 (1.6 GHz, FSB1066) to $851 for the high-end 5160 (3.0 GHZ, FSB1333).

The desktop version of the Xeon 5100, called Core 2 Duo E4000/E6000 series (Conroe) core is rumored to launch on 23 July. The mobile variant (Core 2 Duo T5000/T7000), which is the foundation for the Xeon 5100 and the Core 2 Duo E series, will follow in August or September.


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I can't wait for woodcrest to hit :D

Dual-bus goodness :smoker:

Dempsey's not bad, but woodcrest... aaaahhh...
Interesting. I expect we will end up placing a fair sized order with dell soon as they ship xeon 5100 boxes :) Should help cut our power bills per box :)

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