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Intel help needed!!!

any one please help.

i have an intel D850MV mobo. 128 Mb RDRAM, 1.8GHz.

i was wondering if you could help me overclock my machine.

i can't seem to find any setting that would allow me to.

or hardware tweaks perhaps.

tnx a lot!


I have the same board. Intel will not allow overclocking. I have yet to see any way to do so...

If someone can help by all means do...:happy:

I would like to turn up my CPU voltage. It is running about .4 volts low........
about it!

HI tinker,

i guess we share the same remorse.

i have searched the net about a million times to find mods for this board but still result is zero. its bios even have very few customizable options. however, intel claims this is the best motherboard for the P4s so i surely will stick with it. :D


Tinker, is your 1.8ghz p4 a northwood? ie 512k L2 cache.

If it is, you might be able to run it at 533fsb (2.4ghz). You can do a pin mod to make your p4 do it here , and it might need a little extra voltage(see here

Another alternative is softFSB or cpuFSB if your cpu can't do 133fsb.
See this thread.


where can i see if my board is a northwind?

i can see 512 cpu cache in my bios. is that it?

is it safe to use cpufsb?

i tried using it but it gives a lot of warnings that i could damage my machine. how do i use it to achieve optimum performance?


Its your cpu that is a northwood, not the board. Yes, if your cpu has 512k cache, it is a northwood p4 which is a much better overclocker.

Take heed given to the warnings given though, overclocking can damage your components. A lot of heat is generated, so get some extra cooling for your cpu and some case fans.

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