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Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 technology

im looking at getting a new laptop, and i narrowed it down to 2, a dell and an alienware. i like the alienware better, except that i dont know anything about the graphics card in it. im looking at the Alienware Sentia, with the "Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 technology" could someone let me know what this compares too, or how the benchmarks look? i couldnt find anything about it myself...the dell im look at is the inspiron 600m with the "ATI 32 (or64) mb video" anyone know anything about these systems? mostly id like to know about the alienware. thanks in advance =)


A Mobility Radeon 9000, and possibly even a 7500 would easily beat the Intel Extreme Graphics 2 engine. Itd get about in 2000 3dmark2001. The 7500 gets around 3,500 and the 9000 about 6500. I dont know about the Radeon IGP ones tho.


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any graphic adapter/chip with "intel" in the name simply won't run any of the newer 3d games. it will barely manage halflife.
great, thanks guys....guess il keep thinking on it then, maybe the alienware doesnt look so great after all. if its so bad, why would alienware use it? theyre all about gaming, id think it would knock them down a notch to use something that bad.

do you have any info on the 9200? how long till its release, & do you think it will be available in some of the thinner & lighter laptops any time soon? i was hoping to get one by the end of the month when i start school.


I haven't yet heard of the Mobilit Radeon 9200, but i know that the 9600 thats in some laptops. However, it all depends on how much you want to spend as the newer laptops with the better gfx cards cost more. Another interesting card is the Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 Go.
im looking to spend probably between $2000 & $2500, but the thing is i want something fairly small & light since i will be carrying it to school every day & it will be a long commute until i find a closer place to live =) so, the best ones i've found so far are the dell inspiron 600m, which has a mobility radeon 9000, & then that alienware, which turns out to be bad. so now im going with that dell, unless someone can suggest something better =) thanks

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