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Intel cs 630 Camera


High On Life!
As i am known to fix computers in my area today my friends father wanted me to fix his intel cs 630 camera. The problem is once you record a video file after you play it back its very jerky, as in it pauses for a second even though the file is playing and then regians the movment its like it freezes for a sec every two seconds! I went and got the latest drivers for 98 and the patch that was suppose to fix a jerky being, and the needed codecs and it still does this, my friends dad thinks i ruined his camera PLZ HElp!:(


hardware monkey
playing the file on the compter is jerky? meaning, after you transferred it from the camera and copied it to your harddrive. not simply playing it directly off the camera?


High On Life!

nooo. im recording when the camera is connected to the computer via the software, maybe the usb is set on a slow speed? how can i tell that?


hardware monkey
really isn't such thing. there's either usb 1.1 or usb 2.0... and considering usb 2.0 is really quite new, i'm sure your camera and usb ports are 1.1 compatible... which is 12mbps, or about 1.5mb/sec.

i'm not too familiar with digital camcorders at all, so i hope someone comes along and can help you further. }:>

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