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Intel CPU Could Run Macs

Intel CPU Could Run Macs
Dual system is possible, but Apple's not interested, says Intel chief.
Macworld.co.uk staff
Friday, October 24, 2003

Intel Chief Executive Officer Craig Barrett says the Macintosh OS could run fine on Intel equipment--the tough part is convincing Apple Chairman Steve Jobs that it's a good idea.

Barrett briefly described the company's Vanderpool project, a new processor design capable of supporting multiple operating systems at a processor level, rather than in emulation mode.

"If you are able to, say, have two OSs running simultaneously, you won't have to rely on a single OS for everything," Barrett says. "So you could have Mac OS and Longhorn on the same system, using Longhorn for business stuff and Mac OS for personal stuff. But first you'd need to convince Steve Jobs that it's a great idea."

Dual Systems

Asked if the company will ever be able to get Apple to release systems based on Intel chips, Barrett said, "We keep trying, but frankly it gets less and less interesting each year."

Barrett did concede, "There are lots of interesting aspects in there. Steve Jobs is trying to appeal more to the Intel base. You might ask why he doesn't take his OS and try to compete in the other 98 per cent of the market. But he doesn't choose to do that."

Former Apple Chairman John Sculley recently acknowledged that Apple should have switched to Intel architecture years ago.

A Good Start

Barrett also confirms that Mac OS X's Darwin kernel "runs just fine" on Intel technology, but needs an application stack to make for a serviceable OS.

"You'll have to talk to Steve about that" he adds.

The Intel boss points out that Apple's small market share makes this a less interesting issue for the company. "Our sales can blip by Apple's share quarter on quarter," he says, "so we can shrink or grow by a couple of Apples."
Source: PCWorld.com
Hahah...didn't realize that. :D
Just saw it posted somewhere else, and thought it was pretty interesting to know. Damn it Jobs! Just say yes! :p


- geek -
Doesn't Apple have an internal version of Mac OS that runs on Intel? I thought I had read that at one time. Anyways I think sure they would take a hit on hardware sales but in the end they might make it up w/ OS sales from all the ppl tired of Windows but not tech enough for *nix.
Why would anyone want to run Mac OS on Intel hardware? Intel is getting worse than MS (see my outsourcing jobs overseas rant).

Lets send Steve Jobs a thank you note.


I may actually be insane.
Yes, the Darwin back-end compiles and runs fine on x86, the extremely early "Aqua" Alpha known back then as Rhapsody also compiled on x86, however, only on VERY specific hardware and development was not continued to support other hardware.

Some people have stated they got it to work in Virtual PC and the like, however I'm slightly sceptical of those claims. I have no doubt though that the image of Rhapsody is floating about on the internet (I've seen it myself) and it does indeed run on x86.


- geek -
LeeJend said:
Why would anyone want to run Mac OS on Intel hardware? Intel is getting worse than MS (see my outsourcing jobs overseas rant).

Lets send Steve Jobs a thank you note.
Not specifically Intel per say .. more x86 (yet another term blurred) :) Why does this feel like the other thread :p


I may actually be insane.
NetRyder said:
Yeah, I'm still not sure if the "Marklar" project was true, or just a rumor.
Marklar = Rhapsody. I can't remember where the name Marklar came from, will have to look into that one :)


I may actually be insane.
Apple has been serious enough about its ace in the hole to seed a few lucky civilians with prototype boxes – delivered heavily swaddled in layers of cloak-and-dagger security, natch. Specifically, recent testers report taking delivery of Athlon-powered boxes that Apple had assiduously welded shut to prevent prying eyes from ogling whatever other gremlins might be lurking inside these nondescript beige chassis.

On the software side, the mystery units have been stocked with current versions of Mac OS*X as well as several application packages in various states of preparedness, including versions of Apple’s Final Cut Pro video-editing software and “a popular, Mac OS*X-only browser.”
Interesting, they used athlons :)

Here's some screenshots/info about rhapsody: http://toastytech.com/guis/rhap.html
SPeedY_B said:
Interesting, they used athlons :)
Back when the G4's were first introduced Apple started to have many issues with Motorola's progress in developing faster processors. There was a rumor that had significant backing to it that Apple was seriously considereing switching to AMD based CPU's.

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