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    can some one give to a link to see comparrisons of a intel centrinto and pentium 4 and athlon plz!
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    Centrino is nothing big, it just means that everything in the laptop is intel. The only thing it could offer is low power usage. If you want a laptop that has good battery life and is very low performance(graphics anyway) Go for it. But if you want a laptop for gaming I wouldnt go with it, when you want gaming parts stay away from intel. If you want a laptop that will kick ass i would go with a athlon64 with a 9700-9800-x200 mobile graphics. Hope this helps.
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    All Centrino is, is the wireless aspect of the notebook. It doesn't mena any special. It means nothing when it comes to the CPU in the system.
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    That's not exactly right.
    Centrino is the marketing name given to systems that include a Pentium-M CPU, an Intel 855 or 915 Express chipset, and an Intel PRO/Wireless integrated wireless card.

    And to answer the original question, here's a comparison on Anandtech that looks at the 2nd generation Pentium-M, the Pentium 4 and the Athlon64.
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    Nice post Ryder - he got what he needed in the end! ;)

    This thread is a good example of the need to Google a little so that your question is INFORMED before you start a thread - otherwise likely your answers will be as OT as your question was! :D