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Intel Centrino


--== babyface ==--
Hi guys ..

Just bought over a notebook from a local auction site. Everything is ok except there isn't any driver for the wireless lan card. the driver cd doesn't contain any information, neither can i find the website but its a intel centrino notebook.

The brand is DClip .. any idea how I can track down the driver please?


--== babyface ==--
Thats the problem .. I can't find the website as well.

And no specific model number, just the brand name is DClip. Must be a Taiwan OEM machine. :)

Anyway, isn't Intel Centrino a standard feature? I mean .. if the notebook is Intel Centrino, isn't it has to comply by having certain model of mainboard, processor and wireless by Intel?


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slightly off topic but all laptops that have intel wireless cards sucked lol i had to go get the intel drivers or else they didnt work. the ones that come with toshibas and acers are the ones i have tested, they wouldnt even connect to networks, then i changed the drivers worked instantly!


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Net beat me to it :D

Any centrino notebook == intel pro wireless card, pentium M proc. and pentium M chipset.

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