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Will a Dell Dimension 8100 with a Intel 850 + RD-Ram currently with a P4 1.3A 533 processor support a P4 2.8 B 533 processor?




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Is that an i850E or just i850. The 850 has a 400MHz FSB, and the 850E has 533.

Also, the 1.3GHz P4's were 423-pin if I remember correctly, the new P4's are 478.


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I have no idea of the support the 850 offers to the 2.8B... consider giving Dell a call and finding out from tech support...


a link to help you a bit.. 2 pin configs... 423 and 478..

the 1.3 appears to be 423pins so it seems like a no to your question... sry m8..


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ok, does anyone know where i can get a p4 A? i know they're no longer in production but there must be somewhere. (uk)


I actually have a friend with a similar box, except his has the 1.4A in it... I feel kinda sorry for people with those old P4A/RDRAM boxes.. no real upgrade path, per se... especially now with RDRAM being more or less dead and relatively expensive.

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