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I'm thinking of installing AIM or ICQ to chat with my son but don't know which one to go with so I' asking for recommendations. I have NIS 2003 installed will this be a problem with either program.? Thanks! H.F.


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why not just join our IRC chat room and have him do it too and chat there??

I don't like either AIM or ICQ myself, I would use MSN messenger myself.



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MSN Messenger is pretty simple. Yahoo is nice. ICQ is bloated with a bunch of junk(Look for Miranda ICQ).


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I'd say MSN. ICQ's too bloated, IRC isn't that good for just talking to one person. as for yahoo and aim, i dont use them, so i can't judge them.
MSN's nice and easy to use and you can use voice/webcam's too.


only one i've used is MSN ...with a headset its like talking on phone ....add a webcam and its even better :)


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Originally posted by method
Can I talk to AOL Instant Messenger ppl with the messenger that comes with windows xp?
No, that is Windows Messenger and can be used to chat on the MSN Messenger Network

To talk to AO Hell people you will need to get the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Well actually you can, but they have to sign up with a MSN Messenger Account (hotmail, msn or passport)


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I believe ICQ and AIM (AOL) have merged their chat clients, at least they were suppose to. That would mean you could chat with AIM ppl with ICQ and visa versa.


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That should be good, I wouldnt have to install AIM to chat to people on there

Personally I wish there was a single client that could do all of them, so If you had a MSN account then you could also chat to people on ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo! IM. And I dont mean something like trillian


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No Trillian can log into all of them, but you cant do like a conference chat with people from each of the different accounts


Thanks for all the suggestions! I decided to try ICQ Lite for now. I'm going to try some of the other programs after I get familiar with instant messaging. I was going to try Yahoo Messenger but the web page said the voice chat wouldn't work through a fire wall. Will voice chat in MSN Messenger work through a fire wall (NIS 2003)?


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It will work, it just takes a tiny bit more configurin

In most cases it would be telling to allow all activities for the IM client you are using.


You can't beat trillian pro. MSN is bloated and Yahoo! is too. I like to keep it simple and trillian is best for this.

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