Installing XP with APCI Uniprocessor mode problem, GA-7vax1394



Hey all, i have a problem and nothing i do will fix it, nor do any normal sources i have always found helpful have any information on it. I have a Gigabye 7vax1394 motherboard and it wont install windows Xp in APCI Uniprocessor mode. this is the mode xp install detects and then it hangs after it has loaded all the kernal bits and says "Setup is now starting windows" this is in the text part of the install. Im running a Xp2200 and 256DDR 400mhz CL 2.5. i have set all the memory timings to the max relaxed settings. also flashed the bios, removed all the pci cards and turned off all unused hardware in the bios and none of this works. altho i can install XP in APCI mode by forcing it too by pressing F5 and selecting that HAL but i would much rather have the 24 IRQ's than the 15 im currently stuck with and get all the sharing of IRQ's that i am. So yeh i cant think of anything esle it just wont get pased that point in APCI Uniprocessor mode. and yes its enabled in the bios and also supported, i have two other comps with almost the same setup that use the 7vax board instead of the 7vax1394 and they have no such problem. anyone have any clues????

Thanks all :)
how long do u leave the pc when it says "setup is starting windows"?

ive read previously on this forum that leaving it for sometimes upto 30mins will make it continue anyway... also i remember something bout smartdrv, but im not sure. it may fix your problem, i mean... it's worth trying surely?


Ill try that, ive left it for 5 to 10 minutes before. If its left that long i suppose its waiting for something to time out...ive tried so many things but nothing will make it run with that HAL. its just od how the other two motherboards run that HAL no questions asked.



^ thats me!

Nope left it for 35 minutes, its just frozen good when i use that HAL, it is the right one as the other computers use it...grrrr

somone must know something about the XP Kernal and Apic?

Any help would be greatly apreciated :)

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