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Installing Xp Pro



no problems here, but i've only done it 3 times. win2k server, now that's another story...:D
What kind of question is that ??
Of course I had troubles with installing XP. M$ wouldn't make a OS that would install easy in one time ;).
But serious what kind of troubles do you have?
no probs, on 5 of my puters, but had hell of problems on wifes machine, took three days, and three different vid cards before it would load.



nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i have installed it about 10 times now (seriosly)


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no prob, just the first time i installed xp i had a problem with i couldnt install from the cd in DOS.
If your going from 98E to Pro you might just as well format your programs and do a clean install with XP Pro. With the upgrade it drags alot of unnessisary old _rap along that you'll never use again, unless you return to 98. Otherwise you can just clean up everything in 98 you don't use, defrag of course and proceed with the upgrade.

P.S. Are you the Bman from Simviation.com? just curious...


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The many times i tried to install it, wouldnt install it would say that it couldnt copy files properly and after i would skip many files sometimes it would work and then sometimes i would get errors when in the acutal setup. It turned out to be one of my ram modules!

PS: I found that out from this forum someone told me he had the same problem when installing win2k turns out the module isnt compatible with xp!:rolleyes:
Man thats really odd. can you find out the module your missing. It should say when you get the error message which module is missing? Are you up to date on all your programs/upgrades at Windows Update..


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yah and no

i am always updated, but thats not the problem it was when i was installing it from scratch not updating

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