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Installing Windows 7 Ultimate on my Netbook?


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I just got a netbook and it came with Windows 7 Starter, and a whole lot of preloaded crap.
Apparently it also doesn't come with a boot disc, that the 'factory settings' are hidden deep within the system somewhere.

Well, I don't seem to like the factory settings, and I want to install Windows 7 full version, clean, with no preloaded crap, but I don't know the best way to go about it, since this netbook doesnt have a disc drive.

Also, I'll be departitioning and formatting and installing blank, but if something goes amiss, I don't have a disk to reinstall the starter edition?

I've heard I can turn a USB into a boot drive to install an OS off of, but can I download a backup copy of Starter Edition to put back on the computer in case anything goes wrong?


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The only way you can do it is through a boot flash drive or hook a dvd rom up to the computer itself. More than likely, you will end up wiping everything out. And from what I think? There is no way to back up the install partition on the netbook. You have push a sequence of buttons to get it at boot up, I do know that.

Look at this in the mean time -> How To Install Windows 7 On Almost Any Netbook
I've modified dozens of operating system installs and I do not recommend messing with netbooks. But if you must... Be aware you may trash the install and have to pay to get it reloaded by the manufacturer.

1) Image the entire hard drive with a top quality image program (Acronis is free if one of the drives you are using is a Western Digital) onto an external HD. You may need this if things do not go well. The image should copy the hidden OS install/repair partition. I'm not sure if you can restore from the drive image. I made an image of my wifes netbook but have never had to do a restore.
1b) Check with the manufacturer about buying a restore DVD (thumb drive?). There should also be an option explained in the instructions about making a recovery DVD or thumb drive. Or maybe not, since it is a netbook with no drive.
2) Get copies of all of the drivers for the netbook. This may not be possible since they are special, proprietary, etc.
3) I strongly recommend an external USB CD/DVD. You should be able to do a clean install with a boot thumb drive but my success with these has been less than thrilling.
4) Make sure you have a clean, legit non-hardware specific, DVD of the Windows version.

Obligatory lecture - Netbooks, and even more so Tablets, are not really computers as we have grown to know them. They are more like electronic appliances. They can be modified, but are not open configuration and standards compliant like most desktops and laptops. Tread carefully, go slowly and make backups.

Good luck, If you give it a try let us know how it went.


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I solved the easy way around. I bought a larger HDD and just keep the OEM tucked away. I have done two things... 1) I have imaged the original drive to the new drive and 2) clean installed on the new drive using an old dvdrw drive with a USB-IDE adapter.

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