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Must be dreaming...
I currently have an Windows XP system running fine, but lately (due to my lack of new games) I have been wanting to play old DOS games to relive some of its former glory. However, XP doesn't like DOS games much, and freezes and crashes when I try to play them.

So I decided (after hours of reading through thread after thread in these forums) I would try to install Windows 98, creating a dual boot. Of course when I tried doing this as well, the Setup program told me I couldn't because I had the C drive formatting in NTFS.

So my question is, can I install Windows 98 on "another" drive apart from C drive and still have a dual booting system? How can I do that?

Thanks in advance!


Win98 Must be installed first cause XP modifies the 9x boot files when u do a dual boot. so pretty much the only way is to do a reformat and install Win98 on say D: and then install xp (by booting off the cd) on c: and you would also have to have both drives as Fat32 cause 98 will go wacko if you dont.


Originally posted by Ragnarok
So there is no way of installing it to another drive with the hassle of a reformat?
never actually tried this, but Partition Magic 8 claims it will install any secondary OS

Bob S

You can also try to make all of the *.exe files in XP emulate W'98 or any other OS. I have been able to do this with many games for my daughter and also some software like Paperport 7.0 that are not supposed to be compatible with XP.
Many old games work in XP if you do some fiddling first. One very good thing is VDMsound:
Install it and use it when you start a game. This enables the game to find a soundcard even if you don't have an ISA soundcard.

There are also some other ways. For instance Lucasarts adventure games have been blessed with an open source interpretor for (among others) Windows.
Check out

These two keep me happy enough to keep away from the buggy old Windows 98. ;)


Must be dreaming...
Thanks to everyone that made suggestions. But in the end, I decided a reformat was needed anyway. Now I got a dual boot with Win98 on C: and WinXP on D:.
Got a new question now... on the OS select screen where it counts down from 30 seconds before it chooses the default OS... well how do I lessen that 30 seconds...?

Thanks again.


I know! I know! *raises hand*

In WinXP:
Hit WIN-Break or right-click on My Computer and select properties.
Go to Advanced Tab.
Hit Settings on the "Startup and Recovery"
From there, you can set all that stuff.



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