Installing Vista twice


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6 Dec 2001
Hey !

I received finally my legal version of Vista.

First : Is it possible to install it in 2 different machines ? desktop and laptop.

Second: If it is possible, is it legal ?

I remember something that it was possible up to 3 pc or something like that ?

You cannot use the same licence twice. That's illegal.

The one you're talking about for up to 3 pc is Norton 360. They're licence allows you to install their new software on up to 3 different computers belonging to the same owner.
Windows OneCare is also licensed for up to three computers.
If you bought the Vista Ultimate, MS offers a discounted liscence on keys for several more machines with XP Home. Check their website.
only office 2007 can be installed on desktop+laptop the legit way, windows is single pc only

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