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Installing using Win98 kernel

I remember seeing a thread saying you can install something (specifically NFS5) in XP but use the win98 kernel switch.

I searched the forums but only found a thread that referred to the actual thread where the tip was described.

Any ideas?
Actually, no. I have tried that already, but thanks!

Basically here's the deal: I have NFS5 (real purchased version), but it requires the CD every time I play, which is a pain, not to mention the wear and tear on the disc. I have a crack that allows you to play without the disc. It works in 98 but not in XP. XP just gets to the loading screen and the harddrive is being accessed constantly. I try compatibility mode and can get a bit more into the game, but still cannot play the game though.

Then I read something about changing the way the game was installed by using some switch during setup that forces it to be installed using the win98 kernel.


i have NFS5 - i run it in Win2k compatibility (so my gamepad works) BUT... theres a twist.
move the "gimme.dll" file out of the NFS5 folder somewhere else on your system and set the exe to windows 2000 compatibility.

try it then (keep the cd in the cdrom though).

it worked for me :)

i still dont understand how moving/deleting a file can sort a problem but i read it on a games forum elsewhere so it must be a popular fix

also - to sort the wear and tear on the cd - copy it with nero - it still works - thats what i did (i make a backup copy of every game i buy so the original is always in perfect condition.) the conditions you agree to usually state that you can make a copy for your own personal usage as long as you own the original and the game is not in use on more than one system at any moment in time

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