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Installing the OS seperately from programs...

I would like to install my OS on one partition and my programs on another. Every once in a while, I decide to reinstall my OS (meaning format the HD), but this requires re-installing all the other programs too. If they exist on another partition; great, but many still wont work because of the missing reg entries or whatever after the OS re-install. The actual files are still in the other partition, but since the OS hasn't registered them yet, they often don't run, or with limited functionality.

What I would like is a program that would "watch" what changes are being made to your system when you install something. I know installers copy files to a specific part of your hard drive, but most also make changes to the registry (add startup items, create file associations, etc). This program would then log all changes done to your system in some type of "re-do" file which could be used to restore all these other settings.

Is such a program in existence? If so, where?


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There is a program available, I think at this website too, called RegShot, it takes before and after "snapshots" of your registry so you can see what a program installation does. I dont think its a good idea to do what you are saying though, since most program settings are kept in the registry as well as other important info, you would have to take a snapshot of the registry everytime you changed a setting or whatever...

Just my 2 copper,

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If your ultimate goal is being backed up and you have a burner then get Norton Ghost and 5 or so CD-RWs.
And keep a current image.

You can rstore with Ghost in a matter of minutes.
That would be much quicker than reinstalling your OS then trying to associate programs with the registry...

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