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installing PD 7.0 = blue screen

installing PerfectDisk 7.0 = blue screen

Hello. I've had trouble with PD 6.0 because I once had Folder guard installed but ever since PD would not work - even after uninstalling FG and searching for the DLL causing this.

Now PD 7.0 is out and I decide to try it. During install, when it reaches the point of "removing install files" I receive a blue screen. I tried three times. Does anyone know why and have a solution? Thanks.

I have disabled Diskeeper in startups and services while trying to install this
I tried the 7.0 upgrade (I was able to reinstall 6.0) - it's even worse now. It blue screened at same point but this time I was not able to get past boot log in - would BS after entering name and password. I had to system restore.
Response (not helpful-does not solve installation issue) I can install 6.0 - it just won't defragment because I had folder guard installed at one time so all files are excluded.

ME =
.......downloaded PD7.0 - installed to point of "removing install files" - then
blue screen - blue screen on reboot - have to system restore - unable to
get past login.
Date: Monday, November 15, 2004 6:05 AM
From: JClaiborne@raxco.com
Hi Ken,

Thank you for the email.

I'd suggest that you boot into Last Known Good Configuration by selecting F8
during the boot process to enter Safe Mode.

Last Known Good Config should get you booted again.

If PerfectDisk v6.0 had an issue, so will v7.0 on this machine.


jason claiborne
senior systems engineer
I looked everywhere. Does anyone know how to do what Jason stated?

How do I un-exclude files that were protected by
Folder Guard when I cannot find any of the files (dlls) that were mentioned
in the knowledge base? I really would like PD to work as it is the best
defrag out here. Thank you.
Perfectdisk requires the System to have Full Control to a file/folder for it to
be able to be moved. So, simply add the System account to the folder permission
set with Full Control and you should be good to go.



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