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installing OS in a SCSI hard drive


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hi guys, i'm kinda new to this formatting stuf...the prob is this...i need to format a SCSI hard drive...when i'm doing the normal formatting, it asks whether i need to install a support driver for RAID which is a RAID controller..so i got it from the motherboard disc. FYI:i'm using ASUS motherboard...

the main problem comes when it says it cannot detect the drives!!!

i did notice that when my pc was working properly it was not showing the drives in the Bios...

i'm blank here...please help me...


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So you have a scsi port on your motherboard or are you using a PCI card? If it's a PCI card what is it. I remember formating a SCSI hard drive and had a similar situation with the PCI card, I just eneded up using the port on the motherboard. Check your PCI card web site manufacture for up to date bios/manuls/drivers etc. Ah you say it does not display in bios, I think you have a PCI Card. It wouldn't show them in the mobo bios if it's on a card.


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i just got to know that the connection is a SATA connection...it does not use any other card...the SATA connection is from the Mobo directly to the hard disc.

when i go to the BIOS it does not show the frive but it boots up normally...i'm still stuck on how to format it.
SATA and not SCSI? Veery big difference. ;)

The SATA controller might be on its own and not part of the bios. Sometimes it needs to be activated in bios.

You say it boots up normally? Boots from the disk or what? If it does it would be very strange, but then again not a problem since you can just format it with the xp cd or so.


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ok...let me explain abit...i wanted to format this pc..it is using ASUS mothereboard P4P800...it had 2* 80 gig..and its not using IDE cable but SATA cable.

- i boot up using the 2000 pro cd..it checks my configuration and ask whether i have the RAID controller for mass storage...( i have already manually got the RAID controller from the motherboard cd ), so i insert the floppy containing the RAID controller...

- then it succesfully copies some file and then it comes to the menu with 3 choices whether i want to repair or install new or exit..

- when i choose the install new or repair, it says it cannot detect any mass storage...

- before this also i realise that by using SATA, it will not show the drives in BIOS.

the PC is currently using mirrorring...

Shamus MacNoob

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You need to make a floppy and hit f6 as you install windows to install the drivers and in the bios your SATA drives are SCSI there is not a big difference there .. so in the bios SCSI should be first boot device and if you use a floppy with the SATA controller drivers and hit F6 as you boot into your windows CD you should be able to do it.

After that you can choose your set up, if you watch at the boot it should tell you what to hit to setup the SATA raid , something like CTRL + S

Son Goku

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BTW, after hitting F6, if your hardware (card or mobo) came with a drivers disk, you might need to tell it to let you specify the driver and point it to the instilation media. I had to do this with my SCSI card in NT 4.0, but from win2k and up it detected it automatically.

This would be if the driver you need isn't there... It might be and what kermit told you might be enough. I don't know what your hardware came with in terms of drivers disks or what not however... My card (though your now saying SATA) did come with drivers disks for the various OSes

BTW, ff it's asking about a RAID driver, and the drives are currently mirrored, it might be expecting a driver.
Allright, let's get this straight.
1. The installation program boots as it should
2. The two SATA drives are raided into one RAID 1 (mirror) array
3. The installation won't recognize the array despite loading the drivers

So, the question is, is the RAID array correctly set up and the controller activated? I take it that it is, since you say the drives are mirrored.
Are you sure it's the correct driver floppy? There probably isn't much except one to choose from, but I ask anyway.


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i'm very sure the driver is right. i got the RAID controller form the motherboard disc that was given. the instruction was given saying that i must make disc..so i did exactly... i also dono what the hell is wrong...

i'm very sure it install the raid driver correctly...the only thing is it don't want to continue to install the fresh OS...

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