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I've got 2 hd's in my pc one of 30 gig and on of 3 gig now I noticed that xp is WAY faster on my system on a emty hd (got to test it with my father's hd :rolleyes: so I thought I format my 3gig hd an install XP on that and use my 30 gig to install programm's and ect on that but now is this a good or a bad idea ? And the 3 gig is currently set as slave could this give any problems ? because recently when putting in my hd's back I hit one of my ram's and poef brokken it so I'm coutius now to get in the box and change the master slave thingie :p

Greetz Franky
Install it on the 30 gig. A much better drive that will blow that 3gig away as far as performance is concerned. Just make a 5gig partition on the front of it or something and use the rest for storage.
aah but there both 5300 rpm or something of that speed so isn't it the same ? because partitioning my hd is kind of IMPOSSIBLE because partition magic kind of screw up my hd a while ago I get error 108 and the message hd is BAD on my 30 gig's so .....

If you're having those kind of problems with your hard drive, then you need to go to the manufacturers site and get a copy of their setup and diagnostic utilities... these are usually designed to get your drive ready for OS installation... doing things like partioning and formatting in very short order. You can also run their diagnostics to see if the drive is in good shape... if it's not then get an RMA and get a new drive - your drive should have a 3 to 5 year warranty on it.

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