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Installing a 200gb hd??

Hello all, i've bought a 200gb hd from western digital
model number: WD2000
i've hooked it up to the cpu however it seems as if the cpu isn't detecting the HD upon boot up..i go into the bios and it says there's no hard drive only 2 cd drives(which i have) what am i doing wrong?

American Zombie

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If for some reason the drive is not getting power this will happen.
Does the drive spin up?
Disconnect and reconnect the power cable making sure it is all the way in.

American Zombie

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From what I found it appears the jumper is set to cable select by default so you will need to change it. If this is the only drive on the cable just remove the jumper completely otherwise follow the picture.



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last time i checked, you dont hook up a hard drive to a cpu, u hook it up to the ide cable or sata cable which hooks on to the motherboard (not trying to be an a-hole, just being funny, cuz i need to be in a better mood just got a ticket for running a red light when i didnt even see a light in the first place(not positioned for me to see and i saw other cars passing so the cop is stupid))
yes...cable connected from the mobo to the hd and powerd up...it is dected in the bios now and in post
i am trying to use fdisk and format from a win98se boot disk how ever when i do that it only creats a partition of 60gb max by itself it wont use the whole 200gb. anyone know what i am doing wrong?..
i've used the wd data life tools to format and partition the hd
one partition 200gb nfts? ntfs whichever it is
now i got a win xp cd in the cd rom trying to install windows xp w/sp1
it loads up the blue screen
asks for F6 for raid drivers
loads up all the things it needs
gets to "Setup is starting Windows" and just hangs there..been there for 3-4 minutes now and hasn't done anything cd rom drive spun down too, this is all on the desktop mentioned in my sig except the 40gb hd is taken out and trying to get this 200gb to install xp on it..
the thing is when i use the xp cd it stops..it just hangs..you know the blue screen where it says "Windows Setup" at the top and at the bottem there's a grey bar it loads up all the drivers it needs then it says "Setup is starting windows" it gets to there and just hangs on me...have any idea why?

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