Installing 2000 OVER xP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Empier4552, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Empier4552

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    I know this may sound odd but my experience with XP hasn't been as good as I had hoped. in the long run for me 2000 is better. Anyone know how if its possible to install 2000 over XP Professional with out reformatting or losing data?
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    No, unless you did a upgrade install from 2000 -> XP, it cant. You must clean install. If you did upgrade directly from 2000 -> XP, i think its sometimes possible to "uninstall" WinXP (not sure though)

  3. Gary Pandher

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    if u upgrade from 2000 -> XP then u can uninstall xp
    ( i think it asks u durin the install if u wanna save ur o/s jus incase..think u must have done that too)
  4. beatlesdb

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    Not sure - but...
    it may be an idea to copy all the data in you Doccuments and settings folder to another location before ....
    try to boot up with the Windows 2000 CD
    after it checkes for previous versions of windows it will give you an option as to where u want to installl it.
    Select the same partition as WinXP (ie C: drive if it's all u got on it) and select the L Option - repleace existing copy of windows and clean install it (not sure if u get this option on Win2K).
    What this will do is leave your data intact - but deletes the Windows folder and start over.

    The reson you can' tgo back easily - is that Win2K does not recognize the XP OS.
    Read the instructions carefully - especially the one about changing the File format on the drive - make sure you select "Do nothing and leave current settings"(something like that).