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installer on desk top

Hey all, I haven't ben around lately, but check you out dailey. I downloaded an installer to my desk top named Auto Assault Installer. It won't let me delete it as it says being used by another user or program. I tried renaming it, and it says the same. I try to install it and it says not a avalid win32 program. Any suggestions???????
It happens, probably not malware.

Boot in safe mode (holf F8 key while booting for the option) and delete it by hand from the DOS prompt.


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American Zombie said:
If you do not know how to delete from the command prompt you could just use MoveOnBoot.
Even command prompt doesn't always work. The real only TRUE way to do this through a command prompt type interface is through Recovery Console. Sometimes the CMD prompt within Windows can't even remove the attributes you need to delete files.

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