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Installation problems



Hi everyone!
I've recently bought a new rig, Asus A7V333 with an AMD 1800 XP CPU and 256 megs of DDR RAM. Apart from this, I have a maxtor 60 GB hard disk and a Toshiba 48X CD-ROM drive. My graphics card is an Elsa Erazor X² (which is a GeForce 256 DDR)
I have tried to install Windows XP at least 12 times, and never succeeded!
I either get a STOP warning, something like IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or the setup app will just freeze. At other times, when reading from the CD-ROM, the setup program tells me it couldn't copy the files successfully. Then I tried copying the contents of the CD onto my HD on a 2nd computer, then I don't get this error but the one mentioned above.
I also tried installing Windows 2000 Pro that my father uses but then I get the STOP error KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
I've set my DIP switches and jumpers to "jumper-free" mode, so I doubt that would be a problem. Just to confirm, the Core voltage for this CPU is 1.75 volt?
So anyone, if you have an idea, please tell me because I'm out of ideas!

The first place i'd look is the memory. Make sure the settings are correct, and also look into your BIOS and make sure it's set to Normal, NOT Fast/Turbo.
The only other item that could possiblt cause this error is the hard drive, has it been reformatted and partitioned? and if so, is there enough space on the selected partition?

You'll probably get many more suggestions. Sieve thru' them all, and you should come up with an answer!!



Thanks for the reply!
Yes I will do everything that is suggested, because I'm really clueless :-(
Ok, RAM first
In the BIOS it is set to automatic speed detection. System performance is set to Optimal (other option: Turbo)
Is there any app that could test the RAM module, that runs under DOS? (I can boot the system with a Win98 boot disk)
I've formatted the hard disk at least 5 times. Two partitions, one with 40 and the other with 17.5 GB. Both FAT32
HD works on 2nd pc without problems and speed is as expected.
I've scrolled through the forum here and checked a few other problem reports which usually included bad mobo's (the Asus A7V333 should not be one - or?)
and faulty RAM chips. I would like to test my RAM, unfortunately my 2nd pc uses normal RAM, not DDR RAM.
Thanks again for your reply!



<- UPDATE ->
I've just downloaded memtest 2.9 and am running it on the problem-pc.
Well its been running for 2 minutes now and already has detected 119000 failures. Before I'm filled with joy (as I still have my warranty and have probably found the problem), can someone tell me whether memtest is able to deal with DDR RAM correctly?
Is it safe to assume that the RAM module is indeed at fault and it's not because of the program itself?
Thanks again,



update 2

<- update 2 ->
I have returned the RAM chip to the store and recieved a new one. I then ran the Memtest app, no failures (yeehaw) but the second I dared to install Windows XP, I got the same nagging blue screen!!
A friend of mine had a similar problem Did you put on the thermal gel onto the processor yourself? cause it turned out that he had put too much of it and was getting stop errors when installing....


The CPU was installed in the shop (for warranty reasons, ie that the customer won't break the CPU while putting it onto the board and return it as its defective ;-) )
and it was done before my eyes. It seemed to have been done correctly and after running the system for 30 minutes I checked the BIOS temperature readout:
CPU 49° C and MB 39° C
Should be allright?
hmmm well i have the following advice then. Save yourself headaches and a lot of sleepless nights and, if you bought it at the store, exchange it. Take it over there and try to install XP with one of the "techs" looking. If he/she can't fix it, !!get a new one!!


I wish it were that easy!
I phoned the shop and I told them that I still had the problem after the RAM exchange. He told me to bring the Motherboard to the shop and that one of his technicians will have a look at it and should he deem it faulty, it will be sent to Asus and that should take around 4-7 weeks!!
This PC would function as a server and I just don't have that time span available!
I already tried a different HD, same effect. Ripped all the hardware out of the MB, but no help.

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