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Installation problems. Please help



I am having problems installing windows xp on my pc.

My system is:
800Mhz Athlon Thunderbird
Shuttle AI61 SlotA motherboard
Maxtor Diamond Max 15 Gig Harddrive
Soundblaster16 PCI with gameport
Verto GeForce2 MX 200
ModemBlaster 56k
I/O Magic Magicwriter 16x10x40
Microsoft Wheel Mouse
Packard Bell Monitor
Packard Bell Keyboard
128 Mb of PC133 SDRAM
3 1/2 Floppy

All of these were bought new (except monitor, keyboard, and floppy, they are pretty old) less than a year ago. My harddrive was new when I tried to install windows xp. It would start reading off the CD, start windows setup, started installing drivers, said it was starting windows(blue screen) and never got any farther than that. After a couple of tries I gave up and installed windows 98se without any problems all my stuff worked just fine. I then tried to install it in 98, no luck.

Can someone please help? Also, I dont know if this is different with xp, it never asked me to format my harddrive. Usually it is the first thing you do when installing windows.



OSNN Senior Addict
Try this: go into your BIOS and change the boot sequence to boot from the CD drive first, save the changes and exit, you should see a msg that says press any key to boot to CD, press any key quickly or it will continue to the next boot device, after XP loads the files that it needs for installation it will give you the option of formatting your hard drive before installing.

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