install xp over a dead xp install



xp crashed for me and i need to retrieve some data before i format the drive. does anyone know if you can install a fresh xp os in another directory on the same drive without deleting the dead version in the default directory. I can't boot to safe mode. I tried the repair options. if i can install a fresh copy in another directory, this will allow me to backup my files to another harddrive. any insight would be appreciated.
tried that

tried that already but i was prompted several times saying certain files could not be found on the cd.
Is this a retail version (bought from the store) or a warez version?

Is the CD scratched, dirty, or damaged in any way?

Was it burned from another copy?

I'm not being sarcastic or giving you any crap, but all these things can lead to the problem your facing. Theres also another possible cause, but it escapes me right at the moment. I'll look around a bit and post back if I find it.
If you have another available drive or partition, you can install to it and then retrieve your data. I think if you install to the same partition it will delete that windows directory, and the possibility exists that you'll lose your data. I'm surprised the repair installation isn't working for you.

If you have another computer available to plug your hard drive in, you might try coping the CD to the defucnt drive and running the installation directly from it to see if it will pick up the needed files for you. All you should need from the CD is the i386 folder, in that folder run winnt.exe from the dos prompt.
i quit

i am officially pizzed off. i am going back to win98se. man, i hate that os but xp has wasted too much of my last 6 days. i no longer have time to be a geek to figure out what is going on. slapped win98se back on in about 20 minutes and everything works fine.

what's really wierd now is that my xp pro cd won't even read from my cd rom anymore. no scatches and this is the same cd rom i used to install it in the first place. that cd has a mind of it's own.

thanks for everyone's help.

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