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Install XP 2 Hard Drives


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I think this has been said before, but what is the best why of installing XP,

Use Hard Disk 1 for example a 30gig 7200rpm, drive for XP + Apps,

And use Hard Disk 2 80gig 7200rpm for Games + MP3,

Should this be better for the computer, and also put the Pagefile sys to the Second Hard Disk?
has been discussed many times so do search and you will find more info.

this is my setup:
1 80gb disk
c: XP -> 10gb
d: the rest ->70 gb


My setup is 2 drives
1) 80 gig
2) 40 gig

the 80Gb is in 2 partition, drive C:10Gb and E: 70Gb and the 40Gb is as drive D:

Windows and other apllications go on drive C, games go on drive E, and mo3's, movies and other stuff on drive D. My pagefile is on drive D, and the two harddrives are on seperate channels. (This configuration allows for teh fastest transfer of data between the system, memory, pagefile, and cd/dvd drives.)


Ive foudn that the best setup is to keep all apps and games on a different partition than XP (or HD) as others said. My setup is as followed.....

XP on 30 gig
Apps and games on 100 gig
Other not used apps, games, MP3s, scripts and personal storage on 2 120 gig HD.:D


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You could partition those drives for performance. XP will stay running like a fresh install if you setup like this.

WinXP partition for JUST the operating system
Programs partition for all software
MyDocuments partition
Temp Partition for the windows VM swap file and temp directories
Then maybe an MP3s and Movies partition

This will keep the fragmentation of the drives a little better spread out. The actual WindowsXP partition should never be fragmented unless you remove system components - keeping your OS nice and fresh. I have my computer setup like this and it still runs as smooth as the day I installed the OS.

Occasionally Defragging the temp partition (in this setup) helps too.


OSNN Junior Addict
Cheers for all the reply's

what do you use for your 120gig personal storage a external drive unit? I was looking it to getting one of thoose, or I have seen a USB 2.0 to IDE Convertor

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