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Install size and hardware reqs


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On Wednesday I finished installing the Ultimate edition on my desktop. As soon as I booted into the Vista desktop I checked how much was taken on the hard drive (separate hard drive from XP), and it said 29.8 gigs. I want to install Vista on my laptop now, but there's no way I can triple-boot XP and Vista in addition to Ubuntu. I don't really need the Ultimate features on this laptop, so I'm thinking Business will be a better fit.

What's the total size that the Business edition takes up? I don't think that Vista allowed me to choose the components to install when I did it on the desktop...

Also, would my laptop be able to run it at a reasonable speed? (I know I won't be able to run the full Aero Glass, since Intel refuses to make drivers for the 915 Express chipset). Specs are on my sig (Pyrokinetic)


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Ooh, I'll give that a look...I still find it weird that it's taking up 29.8 gigs...Maybe I misread, I don't know *shrugs*

As for the laptop, does anyone think it'll have problems running it?


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I have Vista + Office 2007 installed on a test machine with little other software, it only takes up around 11GB.

Vista will run on that laptop without Aero fine, but since thats the only real improvement, I hardly think it would be worth it.

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