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Install Problem



Hello . . . I am attempting to install WinXP Pro on a newly created partition (I'm keeping Win98 SE also). Here is my hardware setup: Primary drive is connected to a Maxtor ATA 133 PCI Controller Card. Two other hard drives are connected as master/slave on the primary IDE channel on the motherboard. On secondary IDE channel on mobo, I have standard DVD/CDRW's connected.

When I boot from the CD to begin the install it appears to go fine for a few moments. When it comes to the point of asking me which drive/partition to install to, it is only recognizing drives 2 and 3 (the ones on the primary mobo IDE channel). Since it was not a problem to install to those drives, I selected to install to drive 2 (what it saw as the first hard drive). It copies setup files fine, and then wants to reboot. No problem . . . I set that partition to be the active one (from Partition Magic 7) and rebooted. Got a message about no operating system found (computer was looking for an acitive partition on the first hard drive I suppose).

There is a point during the initial setup when you are asked to press F6 to install additional third party SCSI or RAID controller drivers. I did that, and when I inserted the floppy it asked for with the drivers on it, XP said it had drivers for it already that it could use.

However, it still only recognized the drives connected to the mobo IDE channel.

There is likely a simple workaround that I haven't thought of yet (I don't want to physically remove the controller card and run everything through the mobo channel if I don't have to). Any help is appreciated.

I had this problem, I had to remove my Promise eide controller card, Install XP and then replace the card afterwards.
Everything works fine now.


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Right when installtion starts, it will say at the bottom "Press F6 to install a third party SCSI driver" or something like that. IDE controllers count too. Press F6 at the start of install and pop in your driver disk (if its a CD-ROM copy the Win2k/XP drivers to a floppy) It will then read the PCI controller


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